Alex Juel and Wall Mural

Hi! My name is Alex Juel.

In 2003, I went to college where I obtained a degree in computer science. My coursework was focused on 3D animation (I wanted to be a video game designer) but also consisted of other multimedia training (photoshop, website design, audio/video editing, programming, and graphic design). Like most people who go to college, I finished school and decided to go into a different field than what I studied. I went into marketing.

But my passion for computer technology and creativity never died. As often as I have the chance, I create.

I write, I build infographics, and I make videos.

I like to do all of these things because I love to research and I love to share knowledge.

And that’s why I created Stuff Experts.

I want to build a resource of the topics I’m interested in, which is basically anything and everything. Being an internet marketer, I work with businesses in many different industries, which means I get to do research in many different subject areas (whether I like to or not ;)). I want to share the fun and interesting things I learn about.

Stuff Experts will cover a wide range of subjects, but each individual website within the network is tightly focused on one main topic.

To give you an example, one of my sites is solely about crafts, which you can see at Lets Get Crafty!. I also have one dedicated to the paleo lifestyle, called Your Paleo Guide.

If you have any suggestions, questions or would just like to say hi, send me an email at alex AT stuffexperts DOT com.